Thursday, January 14, 2010

Rhyme Time

Rooster is learning a lot this year in preschool! She has learned to write her name....quite well I might add! She has learned to count to THIRTY, recognize letters and their sounds!
This month they must be learning to rhyme. She walks around the house constantly asking me if two words rhyme, sometimes they're random words with nothing in common but the first letter! Other times she will take the ending sound of the word and add an "L" and make it rhyme, like: School and lool. Or door and loor...always followed with the question "does that rhyme?"
She's starting to get it down, tonight while the monkeys were playing around she was practicing again block, lock, hawk. Box, fox, hox, lox, then there was school, gool, hool. Innocently playing on his own LB makes his own rhyme......Truck, luck, f**** I think you can fill in the blank!
As soon as he realized what he had said, his eyes were as big as Texas! "Sorry, Mommy!" he said, as he was walked toward the "time-out" chair and sat down. I told him "good rhyming, but we don't say words like that! Sadly, he said " I know, I'm sorry Mommy." After a couple of minutes he got up and said, "Am I done with my time out now?"


annie said...

Is it hard to be mad when they put themselves in timeout? I think it would be. Your kids are awesome!

Amber said...

Too CUTE!! Very good rhyming but i'm impressed by his own discipline! LOL!!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE IT, Your babies are soooo smart Kimm, some of it must come from Nannie's brain. Love ya NannieP