Thursday, January 21, 2010

Dinner With Batman

Okay, so he's not the REAL Batman, but to my kids he is a "Super Hero" Unka Jordan! We don't get to see Jordan and Kelly as much as we would like to, because we don't live close, which is a total bummer. So, we invited them for dinner, and had a fantastic time! Dinner was fabulous, as to be expected, I am married to a chef after all!

They played Batman, rode their plasma cars all over the house, played hide-and-seek, and any other game the kids wanted to play! Unka Jordan is always willing to play no matter the game, and my little monkeys just love that!

After hours of running, screaming, hiding, counting, riding cars, trying to go potty,laughing, and having a great time, LB says "Unka Jordan, will you read me a book?" Of course I will buddy, was his reply. So everyone piled on to the love seat for a quick read, and some pictures!

Kelly and Jordan have only been married a little over one year, but I feel like I've known him a lifetime! He is about the neatest guy I have met in a long time! I'm SO glad for his special example, for his friendship with my children, and with me! You ROCK Unka Jordan!
I feel lucky for my kids! They have the coolest Aunts and Uncles in their lives! I'm glad for that! Each with their own unique examples! Thanks to all of you for the love you show my monkeys! Families are a wonderful blessing! I'm grateful for mine!


annie said...

You have a great family! Who wouldn't be thankful. I'm still waiting to try some of Kenny's famous cooking