Monday, December 28, 2009

Santa Time

LB started Christmas this year with a midnight snack!! This kid loves any kind of cheese! I have actually caught him gnawing on a block of cheese....and yes I have pictures!

Rooster dreams of all the Spider man things she is gonna get, although I don't know how she sleeps! I couldn't handle being stared at all night long by Spider man! Kinda creepy!
And this is the only time Tornado is at rest.......excuse me while I bask in it for a moment.......

Ahhhh, the plasma cars!! This was the best gift! Even Hunk has been enjoying riding them around!

LB was SO excited when he opened his Batman costume! He had to call his Unka on the way home to ask him if he wanted to come over to play it with him! He runs arounds singing nuna nuna nuna nuna batman!

Here's our new T.V. we love love love.....I seriously don't know how I ever watched non HD television EVER! I hope you all had a great Christmas! My favorite part was watching my kids be so excited about their gifts. I feel like I need to be sappy, and thank my Heavenly Father for all my many blessings. I try not to make this a "testimony blog" so I'll keep it brief! I'm SO excited to be a mom, it's what I've always wanted to be when I grew up! My children give me more joy than I can put into words! I know that everything I have is because of the Lord, and his sacrifice! I am grateful for his love, and for the atonement! Without it, where would I be!