Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The Helk

What a handsome group of men eh? Looking cold though! Hunk went elk hunting this year (he's the one kneeling, for those of you that don't' know) with his father, (back row, black jacket..no hat) Unka J, (left side to Hunk's Dad) and Unka J's brother and father-in-law. ( the other two in the picture) Rest assured they had a good time, and have a story to tell. One that includes walking around in the cold snow all day tracking the elk. Finally spotting the animal, setting the rifle sights to the neck region, (this is to save the meat) firing the gun, watching the animal fall, tracking the wounded elk, finding the animal no longer living.Finally, hauling the enormous body back to camp. Fun stories for them to share, BUT this is my blog, and there will be no talk of that!

Hunk was gone for the weekend, on Sunday night Tornado, LB and I ventured to Tooele to pick him up. (Rooster...aka Spiderman was having an extended sleep over at her beloved Nanny's house) I explained to LB where we were going and that Daddy and Grandpa and got an Elk. He innocently asked "What are they doing with it?" which sparked up an interesting conversation that went something like this...

Me: Well, we're going to cook it up and eat it.
LB: But it will kick us...
Me: No, baby Grandpa shot it with his gun, it's dead
LB: No, no it's not Mommy!
Me: Yes it is baby.
LB: You mean the helk got dead?
Me: Yes, the elk is dead.
LB:So, he's in the sky?
Me: Yes.
LB: (without missing a beat) I know Mommy! I can put on my mask and magic cape, and wiggle it like this. (He starts moving his little arms and body back and forth, up and down.)
Me: Okay, that sounds like a good plan
LB: Yeah, then I will fly to heaven and get that "helk" I will wiggle my magic cape to get there, and I will kiss that "helk" better. I think it might have blood, so I will clean it up and give it a bandaid too, okay mommy?
He has such an imagination! I'm not sure where he comes up with all these things, but I do love listening to him go on and on about how HE is going to save the world!