Friday, November 27, 2009

Favorite Movie

When I was growing up one of my favorite movies to watch was The Sandlot! It was tied with West Side Story, and The Princess Bride! I'm totally dating myself here! You see, when other kids my age were making out in cars, drinking their parent's alcohol and blaming it on their brothers (cough), and finding all kinds of trouble. I with a small select group of friends, watched movies!

During the summer I would hurry to do my chores, and run off to my best friends house to watch our favorite movies, OVER and over! It was disgusting actually! We knew every word! Ahhh, the stories I could tell. Hey, there's an idea for my first book! Anyway, I digress!

Seems as though my children have found the same love for The Sandlot! We were flipping through the channels one day, and there it was! Of course I, being "in charge" of the remote said "this is it!" There were a few grunts and groans, but as the words "You play baseball like a girl" came out of the surround sound speakers. There was silence! They were drawn in like flies to a steaming pile of, you know what! There could have been an earthquake, you know like the one that is going to take out half of the Salt Lake valley. They wouldn't have known!

This pleased me! It was time for a commercial, and if you follow my blog you know what that means! This time was a little different. (whew!) L.B and Rooster turned in unision and said "What is this movie called?" "It's called The Sandlot," I said. Then explained to them it was one of my all time favorite movies. "Sand lock, do we have this movie?" asked Rooster. As I began to answer the movie came back on. Their heads spun like a top toward the TV, and I no longer exsited!

During the next few weeks they begged me everyday to buy them the "Sand lock" movie. Because I liked it, I did!

Anyway, to the point of my post. The other day L.B was chasing Rooster through the kitchen and down the hall way. Rooster looks at me and shouts " Ohhhhhh shhiiitttt!" I said, "THAT is a BAD word!!" To which she replies, "uh, I know that Mommy, (rolling her eyes) BUT we're just playing "Sand lock". Well alrighty then! Does the fact that I let my children watch movies that swear make me a bad parent? Or is it the fact that I was laughing so hard I couldn't punish her for bad language? Either way I guess!


Amber said...

HAhAHAHAHAHAaaa!! Why is it so dang funny when they curse?? I have the same reaction! I laugh my bootie off! Ryan is not as amused! LOL! I loved that show too!! So fun!

Anonymous said...

Great post! I actually love reading your blog, you're a very talented writer. You make me feel like I'm "in the moment" with you, thanks!

Katie said...

HA!! I love your kids! You are a lucky lady!! :) And P.S. I love the Sandlot too!

Anonymous said...

Kimm Love your blog< Keep it going! Love Mom