Friday, November 20, 2009


Ahhh, who doesn't love a good commercial? ME that's who! You see, this is the reason I love love love my DVR so much. Here's a little glimpse of what it's like to watch commercials at my house.

An add comes on the TV advertising for any product geared to the female gendered child.......

R: Hey Mommy, I want that
Me: ( thinking to myself: Here we go again) Okay.
LB: Will you share with me? I want it too
R: NO! It's only for girls
LB: (sadly) ooohhh

Second add comes on for a product for male gendered children......

Me: Okay.
R: Hey, are you gonna share, cause sharing in the nice thing to do
LB: I have to think about it, (in the same breath) No!
R: MOOOOOM, he won't share his toy!!
Me: oh, I'm sorry. Were you going to share yours?
R: NO!
Me: Well then....
R: Stomps off to her room!
About a minute or two later she returns, and calmly states: LB, I have an idea! I will share if you do, and we can use "team-work" when we play. Does that sound like a good idea?
LB: okay!

Lastly, an add that is not gender specific.....

R: I want that Mommy, for my birthday
LB NO, I want it for my birthday!
R: Well, then I want it for Christmas!
LB: No you can't, it's mine for my birthday! I won't share it!
Their volume has already reached deafening decible by this point. They continue...
R: You HAVE to share!
LB NO, I don't!
They go on and on for what seems like eternity! My blood begins to boil! It starts in my toes and goes upward. My body is warm all over, my hair is on end! Suddenly, out of my own control, my voice roars like thunder..

There will be no more Birthday or Christmas EVER if you two don't stop it!

They're stopped in their tracks, frozen with fear! LB turns to Rooster and says, "Oh No! We made Mommy a monster again!" She looks at him and says "Yes, we did!"


Amy said...

haha! Oh, your physical description of the blood boiling is so accurate. My kids sound just the same. Sharing is a given for one, but the other only agrees when it suits her interest. Ugh.

Gina said...

hee hee, ha ha