Sunday, September 13, 2009

Happy FIRST Birthday Baby!

We had a little bit of a rocky start. Baby E spent his first two weeks in the NICU! It was the hardest thing I have ever been through. I wasn't even allowed to hold him for almost one week. His lungs were slightly underdeveloped. As he was being pulled out, he swallowed some amnotic fluid. He was on a ventilator, developed pneumonia and finally jaundice! Poor baby!!

He was the biggest baby in there!!

I don't know, they MIGHT be related!

He could decide if he wanted a bottle or a cup, so he just "double fisted" it!

This was the morning he had tubes! He makes that gown look good!
I love his curly hair!! The longer it gets the more curly it is!!
I can't believe he is ONE!! Time really does fly! I love his little BIG personality, he is such a joy!


Granny Hawk said...


annie said...

Happy Birthday Baby E

Jodi said...

Okay okay, you have all these kids... the YOUNGEST of which is ONE and I have yet to meet any of them!!!! VISIT VISIT VISIT! And happy first birthday to baby E... who's name is a mystery to me. Sniffle. VISIT VISIT VISIT!

purplesign said...

WOW! Look at him! I remember that time and wondering how he was going to do. I am so glad he is doing well and he is SO darn cute!!