Saturday, September 19, 2009

Happy Birthday Grandmother!

Today is my Grandmother's birthday. She is 82 years young! Grandma Great, as my kids call her, is an amazing woman! She was the first woman welder in the state of Utah, she was 14! She spent most of her life working, at the same time raised SIX of her own children, and fostered many others. I have always looked up to her, and been impressed by everything she has accomplished! She truly is my hero!
Dr. Crosby, always knew how to make things better. She had all the best remedies, and they worked!
My children love her, I love her, everyone that has ever known her loves her!

Sadly she developed Alzheimer's a couple of years ago, and the Grandmother I have known and loved is slowly disappearing before my eyes.

I treasure every moment I have with her, especially the lucid ones!

I'm so thankful to have such a special example! I cherish the memories, and lessons learned! Thanks for loving me Grandmother, I hope you have a great birthday!


Amy said...

I love this tribute. You have her eyes!

purplesign said...

Brings tears to my eyes. :)