Wednesday, June 17, 2009

This Post Is Rated PG13

Let me set the scene........

It's early evening. All the children are in bed. Hunk and I loving look into each others eyes. The lights dim, and Barry White begins to play in the background! I thought that only happened in the movies! I think to myself, am I in a Hallmark commercial?

Okay, don't worry! I'm NOT going there! Now, let me tell you the real story.
Lunch Box, Hunk, and I were looking for something other than The Backyardagains to watch. Hunk was in charge of the remote, so he would stop the TV on anything out doorsy, anything to do with cooking, or manly in any way.

At one point he stopped on what the monkeys call a "bad guy" show. ( which is anything non-cartoon) I can't remember the name of the movie that sucked us in right away. Didn't even think twice about the fact that LB was in the room watching the same show! When all of the sudden, a topless girl with "mosquito bites" comes bouncing across the screen. I am immediately brought back to reality!

"Daddy", I say. "I think it's time to change the channel. LB is too young to be looking at boobies." With his eye brows scrunched and head tilted sideways, LB looks at the tv, back to me, and then over to Daddy. "Did you see boobies on T.V.?" Hunk says. LB looks at his Daddy as if to say " are you kidding me?", and says "Daddy, that's not boobies, that girl doesn't have boobies! Mommy has booooobies!"

I laughed SO hard!


Katie said...

LOL!!!!!!! OH MY GOSH!!!! Kimm, your kids are great :) Sounds like a wonderful evening together!

Amber said...

That's great! Kids just say it as it is, don't they!? It fun to hear what comes out of there mouths!!

Misty said...

So funny!! People pay good money to get boooobies so consider yourself lucky. :)

Teddi said...

Just getting caught up - that was hilarious! Leave it to kids to make sure the world is 'categorized' appropriately! :D