Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I Hear The Secrets That He Keeps.....

When he's talking in his sleep da na na na na na na, okay I LOVED that song! For those of you that have no idea what song I'm talking about I say sawwreee!

This did not happen recently, but is still "blog worthy".

Hunk and I were peacefully sleeping. Did you catch that? Peacefully! Which means this story was "pre-children", many moons ago. Okay, so I was way into la la land. Dreaming of my happy place with miniature ponies and beaches. This is where my inner bikini model lives.

A sharp pain in my arm wakes me from my dream state. I look over at Hunk, he was sitting up in bed scowling. "Where did you put it!?" He screams. Still half a sleep, I ask "What? Where?".
"I put them right there!" His arm points to an empty corner of our bedroom. "Where did you put them?!" "What the hell are you talking about?" I ask. "The nebba eba nabbigins" I'm fully awake, now and realize that once again my lovely husband is talking in is sleep, I play along. "The what?" I ask. Hunk grunts, "the nebba eba nabbigins, where are they, I put them right there!" Again, he points to the same empty corner. I begin thinking to myself, what are nebba eba nabbigins? By this point Hunk is getting VERY frustrated. "Where are the nebba eba nabbigins? I put them right there!"

"What is a nebba eba nabbigin?" I ask. Hunk replies speaking very slowly "n e b b a- e b a- n a b b i g i n s! Where are they! I put them right there!" "What is a nebba eba nabbigin?" I ask again, this time a little more forceful. "N e v e r- e n d i n g- n a p k i n s! I Put them right there!" I burst out laughing, and almost peed my pants!! I ask him for clarification, " never ending napkins?" "Yes, where are they?" he snaps. "Oh, I put them on the table over there." I say to him, pointing to the other empty corner. "Okay." He says, rolls over and begins to snore.

I was up for another half an hour laughing my you-know-what off!! Of course the next morning I told him all about it, to which he replied.."Whatever! You're making it up!"

Sorry to say......not even I could make that up!!


Amber said...

that's hilarious! My husband does that too! Once he was 'hunting'. he was whispering and positioning himself. I woke up long enough to make sure he really didn't have a gun in his hands then went back to sleep! LOL!!

annie said...

That is freaking hilarious! I can't believe you can remember all of those details. Neal does the same thing. My favorite is when he jumps out of bed and throws the covers off bc there are snakes or something in the bed :-)

Granny Hawk said...

Hey! Can you bring the neverending papkins with you tomorrow! LOL!!!!

The Stark Bunch said...

Wow! I am ready to pee my pants! Great story!