Thursday, April 23, 2009

Pearly Whites!

I decided it was about time I took these two little monkeys to the Dentist!! This is the look on their faces when I told them where we were going!! Can you see the joy in their eyes?? NO? Me either! Why do we hab to go to the Denitis Mommy? You and Daddy do a great job brushing our teefs!?? I gave them the whole speach about why it's important to see a dentist... blah blah blah, and then we were off!!

This is the place, where the magic happened!

Isn't she just a cutie, and all smiles now!

Such a big girl, I thought she was going to throw a fit! She didn't! She was very brave, and in her own words...not shy to her at all!!

Here she is sporting a umm...well I guess you could call it a smile!! ha ha Shining clean teeth with no cavaties! ( miracles still happen)

Lunch Box was passing the time playing with this dragon......waiting his turn!!

Of course Daddy had to get in on the fun!!

Patiently waiting his turn. He looks SO little on the big chair!!

He was a little scared, so Daddy had to put down the dragon and hold his hand. Can I get an awwwwww?? SO sweet!

In the end, we were all a little happier!! No cavaties, clean teeth, all smiles!!


Gina said...

Two sets of clean teeth with no cavities? You are a lucky mommy!